Common Decorating Mistakes


Common Decorating Mistakes, Are Why Most Homes Don’t Look Pulled Together,

1. The Furniture Decorating Doesn’t Fit

“Measuring is important so that you don’t have under-scaled pieces in your space,”
If an item is too small, then you tend to continue to fill the space, making it feel cluttered. Having the right proportions of items in your space make it feel intentional from the very beginning.

2. The Rooms Decorating Aren’t Cohesive

Once inside a home, designers often notice visual inconsistencies between spaces. It can be clear if someone has worked on the home one room at a time.
Homeowners tend to focus on one space at a time, rather than see their home as a whole.

3. Deserting the Details

“The design mistake folks make most often is neglecting the details,”A home’s finishes stand out first. But it’s what’s missing from these finishes that makes a room feel incomplete.
“The floor finish, the wall color, any accents or details, these elements set the groundwork for a good home,”
Homes are missing art, accessories, window treatments, and those last pieces that pull it all together.”

If the room doesn’t make you happy, it isn’t done.

4. Relying on Overhead Lighting

Using only overhead lighting is a mistake. Instead, mix ambient, overhead and task lighting throughout your room.

“Use floor lamps, table lamps and sconces to create a warm look,” she says. “These things can all provide more light throughout the room, and it can also make the room — and anyone that sits in it — look better.”

5. Over-Accessorizing Mistakes

Too much of a good thing is … just too much.

Accessories give a living space interest and distinction, and when you use items that truly mean something to you, they provide a deeper connection to your surroundings, speaking volumes about you, Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon, over time, to keep adding items without taking anything away, diluting their effectiveness.

Removing even a few items can make a noticeable difference, she says. Higgins’ quick trick? “One of the simplest ways to instantly refresh a space without any financial investment is to remove all the accessories and put back half to two-thirds of them in different locations or new arrangements,” she says. “This will make the entire room feel new again.”

Common Decorating Mistakes

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