If a single piece of furniture has the ability to define the style of a personal living space, that piece would be the sofa.

Available in a range of styles – with a variety of functions – it can be functional, whimsical, period, contemporary, single or sectional.

In each instance , as a signature object, defines the space in which it sits.

High quality comfortable luxury corner The corner sofa is the piece of furniture that conveys feelings of comfort, warmth and around which the most important moments of daily life revolve.

The various designs of it allow it to easily adapt to the different spaces of any home.

One of the distinguishing features of the sofa is a wooden frame of high quality material with outstanding upholstery that makes you feel comfortable.

Enjoy You and your friends might pile on the sofa to watch scary movies and eat popcorn.

Sofas are typically upholstered, with a high back and arms. The word originated from Turkish, from an Arabic root, “bench of stone or wood.”

The modern is the centerpiece of any modern living space.

If you’re looking to change your style and go with a more modern or contemporary option, you’ll first need to know what makes it “modern

What are the characteristics of modern sofas? These are sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist; they lack ornate designs and are generally made of high-end materials.

Modern sofas blend in well with their surroundings, emphasizing and complementing the overall theme of a room.

Modern Sofa - Living Sofa - Puff chair

Original price was: 2,190 EGP.Current price is: 990 EGP.
Modern Sofa Living Sofa Puff chair

Modern Sofa - Living Sofa - Puff chair small

Original price was: 1,190 EGP.Current price is: 690 EGP.
Modern Sofa Living Sofa Puff chair small

L shape - Modern Sofa - Living Sofa - Sofa Set

33,500 EGP
Freesia Modern sofa set - living room Dimension: 300 cm
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