Types Of Living Room Tables


Types Of Living Room Tables

Your living space is not a place to live, it’s an expression of who you are.

Living rooms require functional furniture. Tables are one of the main things in your living room that must be useful and practical. So let’s know the different types of living room tables.

Center Table:

Its name defines its position in the living space, usually it’s observed in front of the sofa. Center table is the most common yet functional table in the living room. Since it has many functions; a coffee table, storage place and lots of other things on it to showcase.

Center table has different shapes and colors that suits all styles and needs.

Side Table:

Side tables are exactly what came up to your mind when you read the name. it’s also called – corner table, which you place it on the side of your seat and in the corner. Use it easily when you want something close reach.

Nesting Table:

Nesting Tables are the most practical tables for small areas and can be center or side table. It’s a set of tables that are separated when needed and then combine again after using to save space.

Types Of Living Room Tables

End Table:

End table is a small surface area table that is placed usually equivalent to the arms of the sofa or next to the chair to place commonly used items, it’s designed dependently on the room design.

Console Table:

Console table is placed in front of the wall or behind the sofa which is much taller than the average usually with two side legs. It’s also wide and shallow for functionality, its front features decorations, access to cabinets and drawers, and perhaps other features, though some are quite plain.

Types Of Living Room Tables

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